Mushroom Kingdom Fusion is a fan-made video game that was originally developed by the FusionTeam. It is a platforming game which crosses over elements from many video games.


What became MKF first began in 2000, when JudgeSpear was working on a game known as Super Mario MF. However, it was cancelled due to technical limitations imposed by the then-used engine, Multimedia Fusion[1].

Eight years later, JudgeSpear decided to revive the project, and began working on Super Mario Fusion: Mushroom Kingom Hearts using the Game Maker engine with Hello Engine 3, but this time, the goal was to make a game in which Mario would explore other worlds outside the Mushroom Kingdom. The game became a hit on internet, and several people went to offer their help, forming the FusionTeam[2][3].

There was a period during which JudgeSpear was inactive, and during this time, the FusionTeam transformed the project without him knowing. It became Mushroom Kingdom Fusion, and the aim was to crossover as much games as possible[3].

JudgeSpear didn't agree with this change, and founded Super Mario Fusion: Revival in 2009 to recreate the original concept[1][3].

In 2014, Mushroom Kingdom Fusion was cancelled due to the development team not having enough time and manpower to continue working on it. Some time after that, Feguelion launched a project consisting of reviving it, using the GameMaker: Studio engine with Hello Engine 6[3][4].

Key features

  • Modified Mario-based gameplay including mechanics from SMB2 and SMB3.
  • Multiple playable characters from different videogames.
  • Dark atmosphere and plot.
  • Various worlds and levels to explore, based on multiple videogames, and even Earth.
  • Gun system.
  • Different minigames to play in the worlds.

Development team

The development team of the port.

Past developers:

  • Theonesuperx (writer)
  • Diodissime (writer)
  • Feguelion (founder, coder, level designer)
  • Weenie Poops (artwork)
  • Gladiacloud (coder, level designer)

Notable contributors:

  • Hello (engine creator)
  • Samhamnam (level designer)
  • BMSaints (custom tileset)
  • GateteVerde (coder)
  • Shikaternia (spriter)
  • WreckingPrograms (coder)

Special thanks to everyone at the Fusion Gameworks and Mario Fan Games Galaxy communities for supporting this project!


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