The Mushroom Kingdom is the first world in Mushroom Kingdom Fusion. It is the universe in which the Mario brothers and Wario live, and it was taken over by Bowser and his troops. This world contains secret exit to every other standard worlds.


Restricted This level may not be claimed by the general public. The core development team has exclusive rights to it.

Unlocked This level is unclaimed. Anyone (developer or outside contributor) can claim it.

UnavailableLevel has been claimed

WorkinprogressLevel is a current work in progress

CompletedLevel is completed and submitted, but not merged into the main source

MergedLevel is completed and officially in the source.

Number of completed and merged levels: 16

Grass Land

  • MergedWorld 1-1: The Entryway (Feguelion)
  • MergedWorld 1-2: Goomba Mines (contains exit to World 2) (Feguelion, Gladiacloud)
  • MergedWorld 1-3: Mushroom Gorge (Feguelion, Gladiacloud)
  • MergedWorld 1-G1: Boo Mansion (Feguelion)
  • MergedWorld 1-F1: Grassland Outpost (Gladiacloud)
  • MergedWorld 1-S1: Tree Zone Trek (Gladiacloud)
  • MergedWorld 1-S2: Tiny Huge Island (Gladiacloud)

Desert Land

  • MergedWorld 1-4: Quicksand Pits (Gladiacloud)
  • WorkinprogressWorld 1-5: Desert Hill (Harbige12)
  • WorkinprogressWorld 1-6: Eroded Maze (contains exit to World 7) (Harbige12)
  • WorkinprogressWorld 1-F2: Rocky Prison (Gladiacloud)
  • Unavailable World 1-S3: Beneath the Sands (claimed by Gladiacloud)

Ocean Side

  • MergedWorld 1-7: Lakeshore Paradise (Feguelion)
  • UnlockedWorld 1-G2: Banshee Boardwalk (contains exit to World 4)
  • MergedWorld 1-8: Shroom Lagoon (Feguelion)
  • WorkinprogressWorld 1-F3: Dire Dire Docks (contains exit to World 3) (Feguelion)
  • MergedWorld 1-S4: Sunken Station (Samhamnam, Feguelion)
  • UnlockedWorld 1-S5: Dinosaur Land

Sky World

  • UnavailableWorld 1-9: Sky Tower (contains exit to World 8) (claimed by Capn Coconuts)
  • MergedWorld 1-10: Sky Scurry (aheinrich421)
  • UnlockedWorld 1-11: Stormy Clouds
  • UnlockedWorld 1-F4: Castle in the Air
  • MergedWorld 1-S6: Hammer Bro Hideout (Feguelion)

Ice Land

  • MergedWorld 1-12: Frosty Flight (Feguelion)
  • WorkinprogressWorld 1-13: Glacial Caverns (aheinrich421)
  • UnlockedWorld 1-14: Nighttime Icecapades
  • UnlockedWorld 1-F5: Frost Palace (contains exit to World 6)
  • UnlockedWorld 1-S7: Frozen Plateau

No Man's Land

  • UnlockedWorld 1-15: Mushroom Forest
  • MergedWorld 1-16: Isle of Mystery (contains exit to World 5)(Feguelion)
  • UnlockedWorld 1-F6: Fortress of Traps
  • WorkinprogressWorld 1-S8: The Crossroads (Feguelion)
  • UnlockedWorld 1-S9: Mushroom Hill

Koopa Kingdom

  • RestrictedWorld 1-17: Bay of Flames
  • RestrictedWorld 1-18: Barren Badlands (contains exit to World 9)
  • MergedWorld 1-19: Savage Stretch (Feguelion)
  • RestrictedWorld 1-SF: Dungeon O' Doom

Bowser Castle

  • RestrictedWorld 1-WB1: Hell Prominence
  • RestrictedWorld 1-WB2: Koopalings' Assault
  • RestrictedWorld 1-WB3: Bowser's Keep

Unknown Location

  • RestrictedWorld 1-F8: Kamek's Lair